First Appointments
On your first visit a permanent record will be started. Please bring your insurance information as well as any immunization  records you may have. If your child has been under the care of another doctor, we may ask your permission to transfer some of his, or her records. 

Occasionally, in unusual or complicated problems, Dr. Hernandez can give you better care by seeking the opinion of another doctor. At these times, he will suggest a consultation with another specialist and may refer you to his or her care. The consultant will charge his or her usual fee. 

Should your child require hospitalization, Dr. Hernandez has admitting privileges at Memorial Medical Center and Doctor's Medical Center.

Newborns and Prenatal Visits 
Dr. Hernandez provides newborn care at both Memorial Medical Center and Doctor's Medical Center. If you are pregnant and would like to have Dr. Hernandez provide care for your newborn, please inform your obstetrician. A prenatal visit is advised for expectant mothers in order to provide an opportunity to answer any questions pertaining to the pregnancy, the delivery, or to newborn care. This prenatal visit is available at no charge. Please call our office for an appointment.