Pediatrics isn’t just something Dr. Hernandez does, it is a part of who he is. Dr. Hernandez's extensive experience and commitment to excellence is what has made him into one of the top-rated pediatricians in the Modesto area. His more than thirty-five years of experience in pediatrics and his love of the field ensures that he is not only proficient in his current practice, but fully up to date with the latest developments that the discipline has to offer.

Bevin Machado and Kim Heister, Dr. Hernandez's exceptional staff, have been with him for more than a decade. Together, they partner with parents to raise healthy, happy, well-adjusted children and young adults, capable of achieving their full potential. They are always prepared to treat the many diseases and problems of childhood from infancy onward, but prefer, whenever possible, to focus on preventative medicine. 

Through periodic exams, indicated immunizations, and nutritional advice, Dr. Hernandez and his team can help you make and keep your children healthy. By setting regular appointments, you allow Dr. Hernandez to detect and promptly treat any health issues that may arise in your children's development. Dr. Hernandez and his staff are committed to providing exceptional pediatric care, while making sure to tend to each child’s specific needs. By choosing Dr. Hernandez as your child's pediatrician, you are ensuring the best possible care for your child’s health – and what could be more important?


Trusted Modesto Pediatrician for Over 20 Years

All 3 of my boys saw Dr. Hernandez until they were 18 and he is wonderful! He is kind and patient, takes time to explain everything to me and the boys as well. Bevin has always been super friendly and helpful, kind and considerate, and remembers me and the boys. She has been nothing but professional and I have always been able to get an appointment when the kids really needed one. And Kim is awesome as well...interacting well with the boys and very friendly and wonderful. I would highly recommend Dr. Hernandez for anyone looking for a pediatrician!
— Kelli Ott
Very pleased with Dr. Hernandez. Can’t find doctors like him any more. He gives your child and you the attention one deserves. Also his staff is wonderful and caring.
— Abdo Abdullah
Best pediatrician ever!
— Kate Davidson